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Clinical Supervision

Now that you have passed your qualifying exam and have your insurance in place you are ready for supervision. 

I have been a CPCA approved supervisor since 2009 and have supervised over 30 candidates to full membership and successful careers in counselling.

As a supervisor I have two goals. To facilitate the development and competence of the skills of the candidate while simultaneously protecting the clients

I use a competency based style of supervision with a touch of humour on the side. In the beginning there will be a significant degree of teaching/instruction; as your skills develop, the sessions become more and more collaborative. This shift is entirely dependent on the evidence that you are learning, applying and improving your therapeutic skills.

I look forward to working with you.


Supervision Process

The most important factor in the supervision process is our ability to create a relationship with one another that is based on trust, mutual understanding, shared goals and an investment in an excellent outcome.

Responsibilities of Supervisee

To invest in the process of supervision as an opportunity to improve your skills; be willing to hear feedback regarding your performance; admit to, and be willing to take action to correct or rectify any mistakes; and make every effort to learn and follow outlined protocols for this practice.

Responsibilities of Supervisor

In addition to protecting your client I will review your work, assess your effectiveness, and provide feedback intended to improve your skills. I will undertake to do these things in a professional, empathic, and constructive manner. I will endeavor to create a supportive environment, provide feedback in a timely manner, and be available when needed.

Evaluations will be both formative and summative and may be either formal or informal.

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