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Welcome to Camelot

Life is an exciting and sometimes confusing journey.

 Would you like to turn life's chaos into calm?  Is there a part of your life that just isn't working? Maybe you are looking for relationship counselling or maybe a first responder looking for occupational trauma counselling.  What about stress management ?  Have you noticed a decrease of confidence, self esteem or resilience and an increase in stress, irritability or self doubt.  Perhaps your relationships at work are okay, but your personal relationships are anything but, or maybe it's the other way around. By reconnecting to and gaining a deeper understanding of yourself, you will be able to create the healthy, passionate and successful relationships you crave, starting with your relationship to self. Together we can explore your values, beliefs, thought patterns and passions to understand how to get them working for you, to create more balance. Living happily ever after isn't just for characters in a story book. Let me show you how.

It doesn't matter whether you are single, married, separated, newly divorced or in between. If it feels like there is just something that isn't working in your relationships, whether personal or professional, drop me a line or give me a call. You have nothing to lose.

As both a Life Coach and Registered Professional Counsellor I've learned many skills over the past 25+ years that I'd like to share with you.  I approach both coaching and counselling from a client centered perspective.  As a person who has integrated these skills into my own life, I know what a difference it can make.  It is my belief that clients have the capacity and resilience to resolve their own problems and make their own decisions.  My role is to empower and support you while providing direction when appropriate to help you achieve your identified goals for therapy. 

I also have the pleasure of being a Clinical Supervisor, working with new candidate and intern counsellors since 2009 as they start on their amazing journey into their chosen professional career as counsellors.

Private consultations, group work and interactive workshops available.

Private one on one and group supervision available.

For more information:

Phone: 604-341-9267



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