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About Me
Camelot Coaching and Counselling is based on the belief that everyone has the ability to be happy and successful. We've just gotten side tracked in the day to day "doing", that we've forgotten how. Let me give you the tools and the guidance to learn how to use them effectively.
Like you my life is very full, with lots of ups and downs, grief and loss, love and laughter.  I've been married, divorced, a single mother, re-married, raised 3 children, one of whom is classified as special needs, although I always just considered each of my children special.  Being a working mom, I've struggled with how to balance being an active partner in a loving relationship, with career, parenting, raging menopausal hormones and how to not loose either my sense of humour or myself, while trying to live up to my self imposed standards of perfection.  Any of this sound familiar ?
As a life coach and registered professional counsellor with 25 years experience working in health care, I work with people to identify and walk through life limiting beliefs and fears to enable them to live from a place of joy and passion, rather than fear of failure.  This work is as challenging as it is rewarding for both of us.
Denise Stroude, RPC, MPCC-S
Life Coach,
Registered Professional Counsellor,
CPCA approved Supervisor
Persona Therapist

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